Motorcycle Pre-Test

Pre-test sessions are normally conducted on a 1:1 and due to demand sometimes there are 2:1 courses. We offer a Motorcycle Pre-test course that will cover all aspects of the National Driving test. All courses are available Monday-Saturday from 08:00hrs.

M50 Driving School have a Driving test pass rate of 94%

What is it?

Our motorcycle Pre-test course is designed to bring your riding skills to the standard required by the Road Safety Authority (RSA) tests for AM, A1, A2, A category licenses for both geared and automatic machines.

This 3 hour Pre-test will help you prepare for your test. Please be aware that you may require more than one Pre-test course. We suggest that you take your first Pre-test course two weeks before your test date. This will allow you time to practise for the test and address or change the skills mention by your trainer. For details on the driving test see the RSA website.

What Does it Cover?

The Pre-test course will cover all aspects of the driving test and the normal format for this course is as follows:

  • An assessment of your Motorcycle Driving skills.
  • Identify what motorcycle skills might need attention or changing.
  • Demonstration of the correct way to drive a motorcycle. This will show you what skills need changing/improving. It will also help you to pass your motorcycle test.
  • Introduction to the driving test format and marking sheet.
  • Introduction to the mechanical checks/questions on your bike.
  • Introduction to the special manoeuvers walking your bike forward or backwards, U-turn, Slow speed, Avoid an obstacle and Emergency brake.
  • A mock Driving test.
  • Final de-brief on your progress and what you still need to practice.

Prices Start from €180