Motorcycle Lessons

M50 Driving School specialise in Motorcycle Training.

The M50 Driving School provides professional Motorcycle tuition from IBT for Novices up to RoSPA for advanced motorcyclists. We will help you to become a safe and confident rider. Some of the courses we offer are below. All courses are available Monday-Saturday from 8am.

Initial Basic Training

Enjoy your IBT course with M50 Driving School
  • Direct access
  • Progressive access
  • Module 5

Prices from €410

Advanced Rider Training

  • RoSPA and IAM
  • The System of Roadcraft
  • Highest standard a civilian can sit

Prices from €150


  • Assessment of skills
  • U-turns & Slow speed control
  • Minimum 3 hours

Prices from €90

Insurance Assessment

Rider skills assessment can save you up to 55% on your insurance
  • AON Bikecare
  • Liberty Insurance
  • Minimum 3 hours

Prices from €150