Module 5

This is a progression Module. Allowing the student to move up a licence category or remove a current restriction <25Kw.

The Course is delivered over two separate training days. Minimum 11 hours.

From €320

This progression Module will facilitate changes in your entitlements without you having to undergo the full programme again. Module 5 can only be taken if you have completed an IBT course before. If you have not taken an IBT course before then you will be required to complete an IBT course.

If you have completed an IBT course and held a full Licence for 2 years then you can avail of ‘progressive access’ by completing Module 5. This will allow you to:

1. Move up to the next highest category motorcycle licence (with the correct Learner Permit) e.g. A2 > A.
2. No Second Motorcycle National Driving Test. (In certain circumstance you will not need to sit a second Driving test.)
3. Get rid of your current 25Kw restriction (with a New Plastic Unrestricted Learner Permit).

Module 5 must be completed on a mMotorcycle that falls into the new catefory e.g.
category A Motorcycle must have minimum engine size of 595 cc and minimum output of 50 Kw

Day 1

Module 5 – min 5 hours in training compound

1. Moving off and stopping (includes on site riding)
2. Use of brakes
3. Use of gears
4. Slow riding
5. Figure of eight exercise
6. U-turn exercise
7. Slalom exercise
8. Rear observations and mirror work
9. Turning left and right
10. Obstacle avoidance
11. Emergency adjustment of speed – Emergency Stop

Day 2

Module 5 – min 6 hours in training room and on public road

12. Overtaking
13. Carrying pillion passengers
14. Using a side car/towing trailer
15. Gradients
16. Junctions
17. Traffic Lights
18. Roundabouts
19. Safe Distance
20. Anticipation and reaction including dealing with emergency service Vehicles
21. Pedestrian and rail crossing (rail where possible)
22. Bends
23. Socially responsible riding /driving