IBT Initial Basic Training

Direct Access

Depending on your age and the Category of learner Permit you are entitled to, you will find your IBT course is a Minimum of 16 hours or a minimum of 18 hours.

Category AM & A1, have a minimum age of 16yrs. (IBT 16 hrs)
Category A2, has a minimum age of 18yrs. (IBT 18 hrs )
Category A, has a minimum age of 24yrs for Direct access (IBT 18 hrs)

Progressive Access

Once you have completed your IBT course, you are entitled to then take the progressive access route.

So If you have a full Licence for AM, A1 or A2 , have completed your IBT course and have held the full licence for a minimum of 2 yrs but want to move up to the next category of licence e.g. A1 to A2.
You may take a second Driving Test,
Take the Progressive route by completing Module 5 on a larger motorcycle for that new higher category